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    Being in an accident with a tractor-trailer or other large truck is a driver’s worst fear. Passenger vehicles are simply not designed to be in a serious collision with a commercial truck. The size and weight of these vehicles make them dangerous to every motorist in the vicinity of the truck if the driver loses control. If you or a family member was the victim of a serious truck accident, you should consult with an experienced Springdale truck accident lawyer today.

    At Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP, our lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the legal representation that you deserve in your time of need. Truck accidents are a frightening experience that can leave a victim with serious or permanent injuries they will have to contend with for the rest of their life. To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your injury claim, call Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP at (479) 439-9840.

    5 Common Causes of Truck Crashes

    A truck crash can occur for a variety of reasons, which is concerning when you think about the number of trucks you can see on the road during a morning commute or any other trip. Learning the reason for a truck accident is necessary to help you prove your case against a negligent driver and their employer. The following is a list of five common causes of truck crashes.

    Driver Fatigue

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is an agency that governs the number of hours that a truck driver can work per day and per week. Drivers cannot exceed 11 hours of driving in a single workday, cannot drive 8 hours at a time without a break, and cannot drive longer than 60 hours per 7-day work week. Unfortunately, not every truck driver will adhere to these hours. Some drivers and their employers may attempt to push the regulated hours to increase profits. This can result in a driver being too tired to react appropriately to avoid an accident.

    Inexperienced Truck Drivers

    Having an inexperienced or poorly trained driver behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler is dangerous for other drivers that must share the road with him. Inexperienced drivers can have trouble with various tasks like maneuvering their truck in tight spaces or recognizing when another vehicle is in their blind spot. Inadequately trained drivers can cause a person serious injury due to a crash that was easily avoidable.

    Overloaded Trucks

    A mix of federal and state laws regulate the maximum weight that a truck should hold. The maximum amount of weight is determined by the type of truck that is being used and the weight that each axle holds. For example, longer trucks with multiple axles can hold up to 80,000 pounds while a truck with a single axle can be limited to 34,000 pounds. However, to reap more profits, some companies may overload a truck so that a driver can deliver more items at once.

    An overloaded truck is more difficult to control and is more prone to having a tire blowout or a jackknife accident. Additionally, a heavier truck is capable of causing more damage to a passenger vehicle which will cause another motorist severe injury.

    Inclement Weather

    A truck driver should exercise caution when driving in poor weather. Trucks are naturally difficult to handle, and an experienced driver will recognize when they need to slow down while driving in bad weather. Drivers who do not use caution during inclement weather like severe rain or snow can risk losing control or even having their truck flip over and possibly strike other vehicles.

    Equipment Problems/Inadequate Maintenance

    With the number of miles that a truck travels per week, it is necessary to have ongoing maintenance to ensure the vehicle operates as intended. Trucks that are not adequately serviced can have issues like worn-out brakes, underinflated tires, broken lights, and other problems with important equipment. Manufacturers who sell defective truck parts may be held liable for your injuries if their product was the cause of your injury. Additionally, trucking companies that improperly repair or maintain a vehicle can be held responsible for maintenance errors that cause a crash through a tire blowout or another serious equipment issue.

    This is not an exhaustive list. There are several other reasons why a truck could collide with another vehicle.

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    If you or a family member was injured in a collision with a truck, you should contact an experienced Springdale truck collision attorney. The injury attorneys at Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP are here to help you pursue a claim against a negligent driver and their employer. You do not have to fight alone. To schedule a confidential consultation on your case, contact us at (479) 439-9840.