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    How Do Slip and Fall and Other Premises Liability Injuries Occur?

    The term “premises liability” is simply a legalistic way of describing an accident that occurs on the property of another person. Essentially, premises liability lawsuits are a type of personal injury lawsuit. Like many personal injury lawsuits, premises liability actions are often based on a legal concept of negligence. This concept holds that in our society people owe certain duties to others. One of those duties is refraining from engaging in behavior that place is another person and on reasonable or unjustifiable risk of injury. In many cases, people may be required to take certain reasonable actions or to provide warning when here she knows about the dangers condition or when other legal conditions are met. The failure to take reasonable actions to protect people from dangerous conditions on one’s property can give rise to legal liability for those injuries.

    People who are injured on the property of another person, business, or organization can often have significant medical bills, missed periods of work, and have to undergo rehabilitative treatment. If another person’s failure to engage in reasonable behavior and precautions has caused your injury contact the premises liability lawyers of Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP today. We may be able to fight to hold the responsible party financially accountable their injuries and other losses.

    Fayetteville premises liability lawyer

    If perhaps the most common form of the premises liability accident is the slip and fall or trip and fall. Despite the simple nature of the mechanism of injury, slip and fall accidents can occur in a broad array of locations and under an equally broad array of circumstances. These can include:

    • In a retail store – Slip and fall accidents can occur under a variety of circumstances and a grocery, electronics, convenience, or any other type of store. Products at fall from shelves that are not promptly cleaned up can serve as a tripping hazard. Likewise spilled and drinks and other items can create a wet floor slipping hazard.
    • On a sidewalk – Slip and fall accidents can occur on sidewalks due to uncleared debris, snow and ice, cracked pavement, uneven pavement, and for variety of other reasons.
    • In a stairwell – Stairwells are also common locations trips and slips. Stairwells with insufficient lighting and often it exacerbate the risk of fall. Likewise, uneven staircases or staircases with unsecured or loose railings or banisters can also increase the risk of a fall.
    • Parking lots Store another parking lots are often the location of premises liability issues and injuries. While many of the risks that affect sidewalks are present, additional concerns also exist. Insufficient lighting or providing insufficient security can also give rise to injuries. 
    • At another person’s home – injuries in another person’s home can also occur. For instance, they may make use of unsecured throw rugs I can slip and slide out from under your feet. In other circumstances, people may fail to secure extension cords to cut across walkways.

    The above covers only a narrow assortment the types of premises liability injuries that can occur. Unfortunately, injuries can occur in many other fashions.

    Swimming Pools Are Often a Cause of Serious Premises Liability Accidents

    Swimming pools are also a major potential source of premises liability injuries. Furthermore, swimming pools are governed by a legal concept known as an “attractive nuisance.” The attractive nuisance doctrine holds that certain artificial structures on a property are both potentially dangerous and irresistible to a child. Liability can attach if the property owner does not take significant steps to address the danger. That is, the homeowner who simply buts up a warning sign regarding the pool has probably not done enough to address the potential risk. Typically more extensive steps are required, like a fence with a locked gate or placing the pool out of view, are required when it comes to attractive nuisances. However, liability is determined on a case-by-case basis. If your child was hurt or killed by a person’s pool or other structure, the homeowner may be liable for their failure to protect the child from an irresistible structure.

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