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    A Strategic Approach to Commercial Litigation

    The attorneys of Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP are proud to represent commercial businesses in Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas, and throughout the state of Arkansas. We recognize that business is the engine that runs our community. The legal rights of companies, corporations, family-run businesses and other entities are an essential part of what makes our system work. However, without an aggressive and strategic legal advocate, businesses can find themselves facing difficult and potentially costly situations. Whether your business is acting as a plaintiff in a contractual matter or as a defendant protecting its rights, we are dedicated to providing high-quality legal counsel. To schedule a confidential legal consultation with our responsive and diligent legal team call (479) 439-9840 today. Our Fayetteville law office is conveniently located just minutes off of the Fulbright Expressway.

    At GKD Law, we understand that there are times when litigation is simply unavoidable. However, in many matters we have experienced throughout our legal career we have often seen that there is room for bargaining and negotiation. In many cases commercial lawyers can defuse the human elements of the conflict and simply focus on the legal and financial issues.

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    We Provide Business Representation in a Broad Array of Commercial Disputes

    At GKD Law, our commercial lawyers can represent your business in an array of legal disputes. Our goal is to provide a full service experience for your commercial business. We strive to provide comprehensive commercial legal services so that you know exactly who you’ll call when a legal problem arises. We can represent your company or corporation in matters including:

    • Contract disputes and breach of contract lawsuits —  Contracts are the lifeblood of business. Contracts are based on trust that the other party will uphold their end of the bargain. However, suppliers can run into issues procuring raw materials, purchasers can have cash flow issues, and delivery companies can lose or damage goods in transit. These are but a few of the scenarios where contractual disputes can arise.
    • Shareholder and intra-corporate disputes – At the beginning, shareholders, members, and other interested parties may benefit from aligned interests and goals. However, as the company expands and develops, it can become more difficult for this state to continue. Goals can alter, personalities can change, and new investors can have different interests from those who founded the company or invested early. This can lead to intercorporate disputes and shareholder lawsuits.
    • Employment and non-compete lawsuits – Employment is often conditioned upon acceptance of a non-compete agreement. In other situations, consideration can establish a valid grounds for a non-compete agreement. When an employment relationship breaks down, the former employee may accuse the company of discrimination or other prohibited acts. They may simultaneously violate their non-compete agreement. We can fight to protect your company’s reputation from unfounded allegations. We can also fight to ensure that your former employee doesn’t violate non-compete agreements and unfairly siphon away clients.
    • Business defamation – Libel and slander about your business can significantly affect its appeal to customers and clients and thus its profitability. Whether the defamation occurs online, in the newspaper, or in a television or radio advertisement we can work to hold the responsible party accountable for the impact the false statements have on your company.
    • Business IP Infringement – Businesses invest a significant amounts of revenues into developing new and more efficient techniques, new products and processes, and other protected intellectual property. If another company or individual has misappropriated your trade secrets or other IP, we can fight for your company.
    • Collections – If your business is having difficulty collecting on past due accounts, GKD law can pursue those accounts to judgment and pursue judgment collection.
    • Appeals –  The attorneys at GKD law can assist you or your business in appealing a law suit or judgment that did not go your way.  Whether you are the subject of a default judgment or a trial verdict, we can assist with the complex appellate process.

    The above represents only a selection of the legal and litigation services we can provide to businesses. We are strategic and aggressive commercial lawyers who can also assist with commercial property disputes, commercial lease disputes, and other serious legal problems.personal injury attorneys

    Our Fayetteville, Arkansas Business Lawyers Can Help

    The commercial lawyers of Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP can represent your business in legal disputes. We aggressively and strategically assert your company’s rights whether you are the plaintiff or defendant. To schedule a confidential consultation at GKD Law, call (479) 439-9840 or contact the firm online.