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    If you were injured because another person acted negligently, you likely considered filing a personal injury lawsuit. Whether you were injured by a reckless truck driver or a careless property owner, you should not solely have to bear the consequences of a serious injury. A personal injury lawsuit can help you deal with large medical bills and other issues that may arise if you cannot continue working after the accident. If you or a family member was seriously injured and are considering filing a lawsuit against the individual who caused the injury, you should consult with an experienced Springdale personal injury lawyer today.

    At Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP, our injury lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the personalized attention needed to properly pursue your claim. We understand the complications that a serious injury could cause, and we are here to stand with you. To schedule a confidential legal consultation to speak about your claim, call Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP at (479) 439-9840, or contact us online.

    4 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

    Personal injury is a broad area of law that can encompass a wide range of injuries. However, some injury claims are far more prevalent compared to others. The following is a list of the most common types of personal injury claims that are litigated.

    Slip and Falls

    Slip and falls are the most common type of personal injury claim that is litigated within the United States. A slip and fall claim will typically arise when a person trips and falls due to a property defect that should have been corrected by the property owner. For example, if the owner of a retail store fails to shovel snow and ice on their property, this is a danger to anyone walking by the store.

    If a property owner is aware of a hazardous condition on their property that could injure visitors and other people who traverse the property, they have a duty to repair the condition or risk being liable for an injury. However, under certain circumstances, a visible sign that warns of a property hazard may minimize the property owner’s liability.

    Car Accidents

    According to the Arkansas State Police’s annual crash reports, there is estimated to be a car accident in Arkansas approximately every nine minutes. Car crashes are sudden events that can leave a victim with long-term or even permanent injuries.

    The circumstances of an accident will typically correlate to the severity of a person’s injuries. For example, if a motorist is involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle that was over the speed limit, they will likely suffer extensive injuries when compared with an accident between passenger vehicles. Every driver on the road has a duty to operate their vehicle with care, or they can be held liable for their negligent driving.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents can be more dangerous than car accidents because the operator of a motorcycle can be thrown if they collide with another vehicle. Due to motorcycles being less visible than cars, many distracted drivers will not notice one until it is too late. For example, if a driver makes a left-hand turn, they may not check for a motorcycle that could be in their blind spot. This can lead a motorcyclist crashing into a car’s window, or worse, being thrown over the vehicle.

    Defective Products

    If you are purchasing an item at a retail store, it is reasonable to expect that the product was properly tested for defects before being placed on the shelves. Unfortunately, many products are not adequately checked for issues that may harm unsuspecting consumers. For example, if a tire manufacturer produces tires that may burst after simple everyday use, they may be held liable for their mistake. It is also possible that the retailer who sold the item and others in the chain of distribution may be held liable if a faulty product injures a consumer.

    This is not an exhaustive list. There are other types of personal injury cases that our firm would be proud to handle for you.

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    If you or a family member suffered a serious injury in Arkansas due to negligence, you should contact an experienced Springdale personal injury attorney. At Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP, our diligent attorneys are prepared to work tirelessly to help you build your personal injury case.

    A severe injury could affect your professional and personal life and leave you saddled with large medical expenses. However, we are here to help you hold a negligent person or company accountable for their actions – and your losses. To schedule a confidential legal consultation to discuss your case, call Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP at (479) 439-9840, or contact us online today.