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    Collisions with a commercial vehicle can be frightening for every person involved in the accident. However, if you are in a passenger vehicle when you are struck by an 18-wheeler or a large truck, you can be placed in extreme danger. Many truck accidents result in a victim suffering from long-term or even permanent injuries. If you were a victim of a truck accident, you should consult with an experienced Rogers truck accident attorney today.

    At Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP, our personal injury attorneys recognize how a severe car accident could significantly impact your life, and we are here to help you pursue the compensation you deserve. You should not have to bear the burdens of a serious injury and expensive medical bills due to the negligence of a truck driver or their employer. To schedule a confidential legal consultation to discuss your case, contact Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP at (479) 439-9840, or contact us online.

    Common Causes of Truck Accidents

    A trucking accident may occur for a number of reasons. When these devastating accidents occur, it is important to understand who is responsible for causing the accident. The following is a list of common causes of truck accidents.

    Truck Tire Blowouts

    A tire blowout is when the tire on a vehicle explodes, causing the driver of the vehicle to lose control of the vehicle. A tire blowout on a commercial truck can happen under a variety of circumstances. For example, if a truck driver travels at a high rate of speed and fails to avoid a piece of debris in the road, this can cause excessive damage that results in a tire blowout.

    Other scenarios that may result in a truck tire blowout include:

    • Failing to maintain or replace truck tires that are worn or damaged
    • Loading excessive weight into the trailer of an 18-wheeler
    • Manufacturing defects that cause the tire to operate incorrectly

    When a truck tire blowout occurs, there are various parties that could be held liable for this accident. For example, if a tire blowout happened because of a manufacturing defect, a tire manufacturer could be held liable in addition to a truck driver. Additionally, if the trucking company that employs the driver failed to provide adequate maintenance for a vehicle, the company could be subject to a personal injury lawsuit.

    Truck Driver Error

    Truck drivers should be adequately trained to ensure that they understand how to operate their vehicle under various circumstances, like a tight road. Unfortunately, even with proper training, some truck drivers may still be prone to cause a serious accident.

    One issue that could result in a trucking accident is a driver exceeding their maximum work hours. There are several regulations that determine the appropriate amount of time that a truck driver can work without becoming so exhausted that their reaction time suffers. Unfortunately, some truck drivers or their employers may push to exceed their mandated hours to earn more profits. As a result, some truck drivers can fall asleep on the road or become less receptive to other vehicles on the road, resulting a severe accident.

    Another possibility is that a truck driver operated their vehicle in a manner that was unsafe for other motorists in their vicinity. For example, if a truck driver continues to drive at high speed during inclement weather, they could lose control of the vehicle and collide with other drivers.

    Driving Under the Influence

    Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol creates a high risk of causing a car accident. Consuming alcohol or drugs will lower the reaction time of a driver and make them unable to respond to sudden changes in traffic on the road.

    Driving under the influence will not only expose a truck driver to civil liability but criminal liability as well.

    To learn more about filing a lawsuit against a truck driver or their employer, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Arkansas car accident lawyer today.

    When to File a Truck Accident Lawsuit

    If you were injured in a truck accident, you should waste no time in pursuing compensation for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. In Arkansas, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is three years from the date of the injury. This means that a plaintiff must file their case within this timeframe or risk having the court bar their claim.

    When filing a truck accident lawsuit, you should be aware that there could be multiple parties that are responsible for your injuries. For example, if a truck driver was transporting a shipment for their employer when they caused an accident, the employer could also be held liable for their actions. This is referred to as vicarious liability. Vicarious liability applies when a person causes an accident when working within the scope of their employment.

    As mentioned, there are some circumstances where a third party, like a tire manufacturer, could be held responsible for an accident. If you are unsure about all the parties that could be held liable for your injuries, you should speak with an experienced attorney about your potential case.

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