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It is not easy to feel like you are raising a child alone. Whether you have a newborn or your children are well into their adolescent years, a single parent may struggle with providing for all the needs of his or her child. When placed in this position, a parent should ponder the benefits of applying for child support payments. The Rogers child support lawyers from Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP, are available for consultations to talk about your dilemma.

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Requirements to File for Child Support in Rogers, AR

The costs of raising a child from an infant to an adult are increasing every day. Parents that have divorced or that have had children out of wedlock often have to deal with an abundance of issues regarding childcare. If the parents are amenable to making compromises, they may be able to come to an arrangement regarding how to care for their child. However, if you and the parent of your child do not get along, it may be best to resolve your issues through the Arkansas court system.

If you choose to file for child support in Arkansas, there are some qualifications that you will need to possess.

Child Custody

If a parent does not have custody of their child, they cannot file for support in Arkansas. The parent that seeks support must have a child that primarily lives with them, and that has not reached the age of majority. If you and the other parent share custody and evenly split time throughout a month, this might impact your chances of claiming child support. Additionally, the legal guardian or caretaker could also apply for support.

Overdue Child Support

Just because you are awarded a child support order does not mean that you will collect the full amount you are owed. When one parent mistakenly or intentionally fails to pay support, the court could enforce the order even after the child in question is over the age of 18.

You do not have to settle for your providing for your child alone. Talk to our Rogers child support lawyers about your case today.

Modifying a Child Support Order

A noncustodial parent that is placed on child support may not always agree with the amount of money that the court ordered them to pay. Fortunately, they have an option to dispute monthly payments that they believe to be too high.

To dispute the quantity of a support order, a parent could file a modification with the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE). A review of the support order could be performed once every three years. When reviewing the payments made by a parent, the court must follow the Arkansas child support guidelines.

If there is a discrepancy between the support order and the guidelines, a change should be made. Additionally, there must be a considerable difference in the gross income of the parent. Specifically, a $100 per month or 20% shift in income is needed to modify the order. Note that a modification may also have the unintended effect of raising your child support payments if you are earning more money.

Additionally, now that Arkansas uses the money earned by both parents to determine payment amounts for child support, this may also be used as evidence that a modification is required. This change in the law also functions retroactively. This means if you had an order for support already in place when the law changed in 2019, you should contact a Rogers child support lawyer to help you modify your payments.

How Rogers, AR Enforces Child Support Payments

Becoming delinquent on child support payments is not a problem that you want to have. The OCSE has many ways to carry out enforcement of an overdue child support balance. For instance, if you owe hundreds or thousands of dollars in child support, the OCSE might opt to take money directly from your income. This is just one method of enforcement; the following are also possible:

  • Blocking the noncustodial parent from obtaining a passport, driver’s license, or other types of authorizations
  • Revoking a tax return
  • Garnishment of employment benefits like workers’ compensation
  • Garnishing money from a settlement or lawsuit payment
  • Holding funds in a bank account

It is important to note that the court will not hear arguments that attempt to justify a parent’s missed payments as retaliation. If you were not able to see your child for a weekend due to an argument with their father, this does not give you the right to withhold payment of the child support order.

Contact a Rogers child support lawyer if you need to collect child support or you are facing civil and criminal penalties for missing payments.

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