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While Fort Smith is a relatively small town in Arkansas, however, this does not eliminate the risk of a car accident. All it takes is one person to lose focus behind the wheel of their vehicle for just a few seconds to cause a crash that may injure several people. Our Fort Smith car accident lawyers has seen the effects of many devastating crashes, and we want to stand with you.

Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP is fully dedicated to upholding stellar legal representation for victims whose lives were turned upside down due to a severe car accident. To get started on potential litigation for your car crash case, contact our law offices at (479) 439-9840. We will keep the details of your consultation confidential and will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your case.

5 Common Causes of Fort Smith Car Accidents

Naming all the causes of car accidents is practically impossible. Although, there are an innumerable amount of ways that a crash may happen, there are a few circumstances that present a high risk for an accident. If you happen to be injured due to any of the following reasons, our Fort Smith car accident lawyers can be of service to you.

Texting and Driving

Cellphones are the source of many distractions that lead to tragic car accidents. When a driver chooses to spend even just a few seconds on their cellphone texting, they increase the odds of a crash. The driver could easily leave their lane or happen to run a red light while they are glancing at their phone.


Exceeding the posted speed limit is another common cause of a car accident. Accidents that occur at high speeds pose a great chance of causing a collision where a victim may experience life-threatening injuries.

Driving Under the Influence

Using alcohol or drugs prior to operating a vehicle is dangerous for not only the driver of a car but every other person in their vicinity. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed or drugs used, the reaction time of the driver could be drastically affected.

Ignoring Traffic Signals

Ignoring traffic signals like stop signs, yield signs, or a traffic light is extremely hazardous. Several T-bone accidents because a motorist either did not notice or simply rushed through a traffic signal. These types are dangerous because car doors do not offer as much protection as other areas of a vehicle.

Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is when a motorist operates a vehicle when they are exhausted and against their better judgment. Drowsy drivers are often erratic as they would be prone to fall asleep at any point while driving their car. This could cause the driver to drift into other vehicles or possibly encroach onto a sidewalk to hit pedestrians.

Fort Smith car accident lawyers are here for you to discuss the details of your accident and how we may aid you.

Damages Awarded for Car Accidents in Fort Smith

Upon successful litigation for a car accident, the plaintiff is then awarded damages by the court. To ensure that you receive the amount you requested in damages or an amount relatively close to your request, you will need show evidence of losses suffered due to the car crash. We can assist you in gathering evidence to that will increase your chances of prevailing your claim.

There are various types of evidence that a plaintiff could use to support their car accident case:

  • Testimony from witnesses that observed the accident
  • Photos of the injuries the victim sustained
  • Photos of the damage to the victim’s vehicle and where the accident occurred
  • Expert witness testimony

After providing evidence that the defendant’s negligent actions were the cause of their accident, the plaintiff may be awarded various types of damages. Damages can be provided for economic losses and noneconomic losses. Noneconomic losses may be difficult to prove as they are somewhat subjective. Here are some examples of economic and noneconomic damages a plaintiff could receive in a car accident case:

  • Lost wages and future loss of wages
  • Medical expenses for treatment, surgery, medication, and other related costs
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress under some circumstances

This is not an exhaustive list.

In some cases, the plaintiff may be entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages are a form of additional punishment on a defendant that committed an action that was particularly reckless or egregious. For instance, speeding at extremely excessive speeds and causing a crash may be enough for a plaintiff to receive punitive damages.

The Fort Smith car accident lawyers at our firm have success in getting many of our clients a suitable amount of damages in comparison to their injuries and other losses. Bring your car accident case to us so that we could develop a legal strategy that will work with the unique circumstances of your case.

Fort Smith Car Accident Lawyers Ready to Litigate Your Case

When you or someone you love has been victims in a car crash, call our Fort Smith car accident lawyers today. Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP, knows the burden of trying to move forward with your life after a tragic accident, and we aspire to get you every penny in damages that you should receive for your injuries. Dial (479) 439-9840 for a confidential meeting regarding your accident. There is also the option to reach out to us online.