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Large commercial trucks are a common sight when traveling on a highway. However, this does not mean that most drivers welcome the opportunity to drive alongside a vehicle that weighs tons more than their sedan or SUV. Whether a driver acted with caution around a truck or not, there is scarce a driver can do when a truck loses control and crashes into them. Meet with one of our Bentonville truck accident lawyers to get information about what you could do after being involved in a crash.

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Common Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents in Bentonville

One of the most frightening crashes a person could be involved with is a truck accident. The size and weight comparison are wide enough that even truck crashes could be highly dangerous at low speeds. As a result, many kinds of injuries may occur due to a collision with a truck. Here is a list of common injuries that a victim may experience in a truck accident.

Crushing Injuries

When a truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the structural integrity of the passenger vehicle may easily collapse under the weight of the truck. Due to this, a victim may have a crushing injury such as a crushed hand or leg because they were pinned down after the accident. These types of injuries may cause a victim to incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses for treatment and possible surgical procedures.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are another possible injury that may result from a truck accident. The impact from a commercial truck could cause a person to hit the steering wheel or another surface in the vehicle. Depending on the severity of the crash, the victim could sustain a brain injury, internal bleeding, or whiplash.

Bone Fractures

Whether they happen at a low speed or high speed, a truck accident has the potential to cause a victim to experience one or multiple bone fractures. The angle of the crash could also affect the type of bone fracture a person has. For example, a rear-end accident that happens at excessive speeds may lead to a broken hand if the victim slams into the steering column.

Deep Cuts and Lacerations

Truck accidents may cause glass and various pieces of debris to scatter around the area of the accident and within a vehicle. As a result, a victim could leave the accident with deep cuts and lacerations that may require immediate medical attention.

Back Injuries

A back injury is usually caused by a rear-end accident. The sudden jolt to the back and spine may cause damage that could linger for weeks or even years if the spinal cord was affected. These injuries should be taken very seriously as paralysis may arise as a symptom of a serious back injury.

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Liable Parties to Sue in a Truck Accident Lawsuit

There could be multiple liable parties for a truck accident. The driver of the truck would be an obvious party that could be added as a defendant in a lawsuit for damages. However, the employer of the truck driver could also be a liable party depending on the circumstances of the employment.

In recent years, there has been a shift in hiring truck drivers as independent contractors. Classifying a truck driver as an independent contractor will allow the employer to avoid liability for negligent actions that the driver may take when performing their job. For example, if a truck driver is speeding to complete their route before the end of the day, an employer may try to escape liability when they cause an accident.

Understanding the worker classification of a truck driver would help when naming defendants in a personal injury claim. Note that when a truck driver is a full-fledged employee of a company, the employer could typically be held vicariously liable for their actions. Specifically, if the driver caused an accident while performing tasks within the scope of their employment, this could trigger vicarious liability. Pursuing an employer or the truck driver may be wise as the employer would be in a better financial position to pay a victim damages.

There may also be third parties that could be drawn into a truck accident lawsuit. For instance, if a truck collision happened due to a malfunction of equipment on a truck, this may be the fault of a manufacturer.

The Bentonville truck accident lawyers at our firm have experience litigating complex truck accident lawsuits. We could help you determine the appropriate parties that should be named as defendants in your case.

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