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Before becoming a parent, you likely did not have to consider all the financial implications of raising and nurturing a child. This financial burden could be further exacerbated when only one parent is handling the duties of caring for the child. Fortunately, a petition to obtain child support could help alleviate these problems. Contact our Bentonville child support lawyer today to learn about how to secure support for your child.

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Reasons to Hire a Bentonville Child Support Lawyer

Whether you had a child with your spouse or while unmarried, it is expected that both parents would do their best to provide for their children. This means not only spending time with the child but ensuring that all their needs are met. For example, an infant with a chronic illness should be provided with healthcare by their parents.

However, not every parent will handle their obligations to their child. As a result, you may need to submit a petition for child support payments to the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE).

The OCSE offers a range of services to a parent that requires child support, but the attorneys employed are not there to represent you. Instead, any attorneys involved with your case through the OCSE are only working towards the State of Arkansas’ interest in ensuring children receive the support deserved from their parents. Due to this, you should think of the advantages of hiring a Bentonville child support lawyer.

The Other Parent May Have a Lawyer

You are not legally required to hire an attorney in order to apply for child support, but the mother or father of your children may hire one to assist with their case. As a result, you may be caught off guard if you receive legal documents for a child support case or another related matter. Failing to handle these issues promptly or answering them incorrectly could significantly impact your case, which is where our Bentonville child support lawyers may assist you.

Better Understanding of Local Laws

Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP, knows how local and state laws could affect your ability to obtain child support and even the amount of your payments if you are successful. For instance, our experienced legal team recognizes how the calculations for child support is handled in Arkansas.

In the past, the State of Arkansas would only examine the income of a noncustodial parent when approving a court order for child support. However, a recent change in the law has been made that Arkansas residents may not know about. Now, Arkansas considers the income of both parents when handling child support disputes, which is not common in most states. Knowledge of this law and other related regulations is important as it could affect your case significantly.

We may also help with other legal matters that require intricate knowledge of Arkansas child support laws.

Professional Assistance with Custody Matters

When submitting a claim for child support, it is not uncommon for the other parent to pursue custody of their children, visitation rights, or initiate other legal challenges. As mentioned, you do not want the extra burden of handling these matters without legal assistance.

Contact us if you want to know more about how our firm could be a vital asset to your child support case.

Violation of a Child Support Order in Bentonville, AR

There are many explanations for why a parent could violate a child support order. For example, if a parent was denied the right to visit their children by a custodial parent, they may believe that it is appropriate to intentionally miss child support payments in retaliation. However, the actions of a custodial parent cannot be used to justify past due child support payments. The violation of a visitation order or other agreement is an issue that must be handled separately.

When a parent does not adhere to the instructions of a child support order, they may be subject to civil and criminal penalties due to their actions. Here are some penalties that the OCSE could impose upon a parent that has fallen behind on their payments:

  • Seizing a portion of the parent’s wages, unemployment earnings, or workers’ comp benefits
  • Intercepting the parent’s tax refund
  • Informing credit companies of the overdue child support
  • Preventing the parent from receiving or renewing a passport
  • Suspension of a driver’s license, commercial license, technical license, and other similar permits

Other methods of collection could be used when examining the circumstances of your case. For instance, a parent that has not paid child support for multiple months may face jail time for violating their support order. This could mean being placed in jail and having to pay large fines.

Bentonville child support lawyers from our firm are skilled in navigating our clients through these issues.

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