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    Many people are skeptical about driving next to a commercial vehicle for an extended period of time. This is because commercial vehicle accidents are some of the most dangerous types of accidents due to the damage a large truck or bus can cause. If you or a family member was seriously injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you should consult with an experienced Arkansas commercial vehicle accident lawyer.

    The injury lawyers at Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP possess years of legal experience litigating a wide range of car accident claims. There are various parties who may be liable for your injuries if you are in a crash with a commercial vehicle. Our firm will provide you with the aggressive legal representation necessary to pursue your case against those negligent parties. To schedule a confidential legal consultation, call Gunn Kieklak Dennis, LLP at (479) 439-9840, or contact us online.

    Common Causes of Commercial Vehicle Collisions

    A commercial vehicle collision may occur for several different reasons. These reasons can be tied to driver error or an issue with the commercial vehicle itself. Despite the reason for the accident, truck or bus accidents are often responsible for extremely severe injuries. This is because commercial vehicles can weigh more than three times the weight of a commercial vehicle. With that much weight, it is easy for a motorist to become seriously injured if their sedan or SUV is struck.

    The following is a list of common causes of commercial vehicle collisions.

    Inclement Weather

    Inclement weather is responsible for several trucking accidents. Trucks and other commercial vehicles typically lack the maneuverability to come to a quick stop or to make swift lane changes. When combined with poor weather and possibly a fully loaded trailer, it can be difficult to navigate in snow or rain. A truck driver may overestimate their ability to drive in a serious storm and end up in an accident with another vehicle.

    Overloaded Trailers

    Various regulations determine how much weight a truck may carry at once. Unfortunately, in order to turn a higher profit, many trucking companies will overload a truck beyond its limits. This could make a commercial vehicle more difficult to control and could cause another motorist severe or fatal injuries if an accident were to happen. An overloaded tractor trailer has the potential to crush a passenger vehicle if they collide.


    Many truck drivers are on a strict schedule to deliver shipments within a certain amount of time. This can lead to unsafe driving as a commercial driver attempts to hit certain deadlines. Like any other accident, speeding could turn what would have been a temporary injury into a long-term or permanent injury.

    Driver Error/Driver Fatigue

    If you have observed a commercial driver trying to maneuver their vehicle in a tight area, the level of skill that the driver possesses will quickly become apparent. Many truck drivers are not adequately trained to handle their vehicles. This can lead to car accidents that should have been easily avoidable.

    Commercial driver hours are regulated so that a driver cannot exceed a certain number of hours per day. However, some companies may not adequately monitor the hours may choose to drive. Alternatively, some drivers may be employed by a company that elects to push the boundaries of the hours a driver can work. This can lead to a fatigued driver possibly falling asleep behind the wheel or at least having a decreased reaction time.

    Vehicle Malfunction

    Due to how many miles a commercial vehicle like a bus or truck will travel, it is important that they are frequently serviced. A commercial vehicle that is not routinely inspected can be riddled with issues. For example, a truck’s tires may be on the verge of bursting if they are not repaired or replaced after a certain number of miles.

    Additionally, it is also possible that a vehicle could malfunction due to an error by a manufacturer. Car parts, tires, and other types of vehicle equipment are occasionally subject to recalls because they are not operating correctly. If you were injured in a commercial vehicle accident due to a vehicle manufacturer, they might be liable to you for injuries.

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